Texsize-A & Texsize-E 

Texsize-A & Texsize-E have thin boiling starch, suitable for sizing and finishing operations in the textile Industry for medium to fine range yarns.


  • Low and stable viscosity
  • Uniform Size pick-up
  • Better penetration
  • Improved weaving efficiency
  • Texsize-A & Texsize-E has a low viscosity which helps in better penetration. This low viscosity is suitable for all types of yarn including dyed yarn. Texsize-E is highly consistent, which in turn helps in uniform size pick-up. Texsize-E has excellent film forming properties. With higher threads per inch, it improves yarn to yarn and yarns to metal abrasion resistance, as well as strength and flexibility of the yarn.


    Texsize-A & Texsize-E is a partially hydrolysed starch product.  Due to the reduction in the chain length, the pastes of Texsize-E is less viscous than those of unmodified starches. It is an ideal product for sizing of both grey and dyed cotton, polyester cotton yarn of medium to fine counts.


    Texsize-A & Texsize-E is ideally suited for use in warp sizing and finishing of cotton and polyester-cotton blends. Uniform paste properties of Texsize-E ensure substantially constant textile performance. The warp threads undergo friction and tension during the weaving process. The efficiency of weaving depends upon resistance to abrasion of warp yarn. Texsize-E provides protection to yarn to meet the friction and tension by giving uniform size penetration without developing abrasive points, even on over drying.


    Fill the cooker with the required quantity of water.  Start agitation and add the required quantity of Texsize-A & Texsize-E allows it to disperse uniformly.  Raise the temperature to 130°C /30 psi and retain for 10 mts, before transferring to the storage tank.

    Texsize-A & Texsize-E is formulated to be used along with binders and lubricants for all counts of cotton and polyester cotton blends at dry pick-up levels of 6% to 20% to achieve maximum efficiency at loom shed.


    Typical Analysis

    AppearanceWhite to pale yellow powderWhite to pale yellow powder
    Moisture % by mass on dry basisNot more than 14%Not more than 14%
    Ash content % by mass on dry basisNot more than 0.5%Not more than 0.5%
    Ostwald viscosity of 5% w/w paste at 75°C23 ± 3 cps23 ± 3 cps
    Viscosity of 5% paste at 90°C in Texsize/Atria cup (50ml/5ml)5 to 7 Seconds5 to 7 Seconds
    pH of 10% aqueous extract (pH of water used – 7.20)5 to 75 to 7
    Screen Analysis100% passing through 85 mesh (BS)100% passing through 85 mesh (BS)
    Red listed itemsNilNil

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