Uniquol & Unisol


The premium quality synthetic polymer poss high gumming strength with fast dry technology, and also has a good initial tack. It is been used in wood, paper coating, paint, and other industry.


Uniquol is commonly referred to as white glue, it has a high quality acrylic emulsion base, which makes it perfect for strong bonding between paper-paper, paper-board, paper-hardboard.            Uniquol is been used in envelop pasting, courier cover making, and also used as a good adhesive for sheet pasting on plywood.


Unisol is a specialised polyvinyl alcohol based solutions for speciality uses unisol is being used in various industry like match industry, firework and adhesive industry. unisol exhibits good binding effect and excellent film forming property. We can customise the solution quality as per customer need and it comes with various viscosity, different solid content and higher shelf life.

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