Texsize-E and Texsize-A

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Texsize Specialities are distributors for Gohsenol range of PVA manufactured by Nippon Gohsei, Japan and BP &BF grades of PVA manufactured by Chang Chun Petrochemicals, China/Taiwan. Various grades of PVA are available, based on Viscosity levels. PVA is largely used in Textile, Adhesive, Paper and various other industries. The specification of the major grades are given below.

GradeSaponification value
Degree of polymerization
Gohsenol GH20R86.5-89.040.0-46.00.57-May---
Gohsenol GH17R86.5-89.027.0-33.00.57-May---
Gohsenol GH2286.5-89.045.0-52.00.57-May---
Chang Chun BP2886.0-89.060.0-70.00.57-May---
Chang Chun BP2686.0-89.050.0-58.00.57-May---
Chang Chun BP2486.0-89.044.0-50.00.57-May---
Chang Chun BP2086.0-89.027.0-33.00.57-May---
Chang Chun BP20A86.0-89.027.0-33.00.57-MayAnti-foaming type
Chang Chun BP17A86.0-89.021.0-26.00.57-MayAnti-foaming type
Chang Chun BP05A86.0-89.005.0-06.00.57-MayAnti-foaming type
Chang Chun BF14W95.0-97.013.0-16.00.77-May---
Chang Chun BF17W95.0-97.025.0-30.00.77-May---
Chang Chun BF2698.5-99.270.0-80.00.77-May---

Modified Potato Starches

Texsize Specialities are “All India Distributors” for Native as well as Modified Potato Starches Manufactured by an European Company. These modified potato starches have application in various industries like Textile, Paper, Food, Adhesive, etc., Texsize Specialities imports various grades of Modified Potato starches and Tapioca Starches like Esterified Starches, EtherifiedStarches, Oxidised Starches, Amphoteric Starches, Cationic Starches and other grades which have special applications.

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