Unicone which is known for its high bonding strength is been offered in both cold & hot mix grades.

Unicone offer high adhesion strength and gives good compression strength, Our adhesive has a soft touch finish on paper cones. Unicone is a low consumption more mileage product, and also has long shelf life after mix.

Cold Mix Grades

ProductRatioSolid content in %ViscositypH
Unicone CW 3001:33050-30012-14
Unicone CW 4001:42550-30012-14
Unicone CW 5001:51750-30012-14
Unicone CW 6001:61450-30012-14
Unicone CW 7001:71350-30012-14

Hot Mix Grades

ProductRatioSolid content in %ViscositypH
Unicone HW 4001:425300-5006-8
Unicone HW 5001:517300-5006-8
Unicone HW 6001:614300-5006-8
Unicone HW 7001:713300-5006-8
Unicone HW 8001:812300-5006-8
Unicone HW 9001:911300-5006-8
Unicone HW 10001:1010300-5006-8

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