Sure Size-50 is a highly modified starch ester  ideally suited for sizing operations in Textiles and Terry cloth industries.

Sure Size-50  provides :  

  • Low and Stable viscosity
  • Better penetration
  • Excellent film forming properties
  • Improved weaving efficiency
  • Uniform Size pick-up
  • Thin and Flexible film
  • A 15% w/w paste on overnight storage does not gel or thin out.


Sure Size-50 is an ideal product for sizing of cotton, both grey and dyed, polyester-cotton and terry quality yarns of finer counts with higher thread counts.  The degree of substitution which has a positive influence on washing out properties is adjusted in Sure Size-50 that it ensures superior wash removal quota without use of any enzymes in subsequent wet processing, resulting in high degree of processing reliability.  Sure size-50 film have greater clarity, higher gloss, more flexibility, higher elongation at break and easier solubility in water.  Sure Size-50 solutions are more stable and maintain constant viscosity over extended periods as it does not retrograde, which results in uniform pick-up.



Sure Size-50 has a very low viscosity which helps in better penetration especially for counts above 40s and for higher thread counts. Normally a 15% paste solution has a viscosity of 6 to 7 seconds in 50ml ATIRA cup at 90⁰C. This low viscosity is very much suitable for all types of yarn, including dyed yarn.


Sure Size-50 is highly consistent which in turn helps in uniform size pick-up. A 15% paste remains consistent during overnight storage and there is no gel formation or thinning of paste.

Film Formation

Sure Size-50 has an excellent film forming property. It helps in better adhesion with flexible film. With higher threads per inch, it improves yarn to yarn and yarn to metal abrasion resistance, as well as strength and flexibility of yarn.


Sure Size-50 is an ideal product for sizing cotton, polyester-cotton blends and specially recommended for sizing cotton for Terry and Denim qualities. Better adhesion, penetration and strong and flexible film of Sure Size-50 improves yarn to yarn and yarn to metal abrasion resistance, strength and flexibility of yarn. This results in minimum warp breaks, fuzz balling point at the loom and hence better productivity.


Sure Size-50 can be easily washed with normal de-sizing procedures.  No special additives required.


Fill the kettle with required quantity of water.  Start agitation and add required quantity of Sure Size- 50 and allow it to disperse uniformly.  Cook the suspension at 30psi/ 130°C and retain for 10mts, before transferring to storage.

Typical Analysis

AppearanceWhite to creamish white fine powder
Moisture content % by mass on dry basis11 % maximum
Ash content % by mass on dry basis1 % maximum
Screen Analysis100% passing through 85 mesh (BS)
pH of 10% Aqueous extract (pH of water used: 7.20)5 to 6
Viscosity of 10%  m/m on dry basis at 85°C solution by using Brookefield DV II+ viscometer at 30 rpm, Spindle no 1 in cps30 to 50 cps
Red listed itemsNIL

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