Sizotex MC


Sizotex – MC is a highly modified and formulated product, free from PVA. It is ideally suitable for warp sizing of 60’s counts.  The product can also be extended to size 40s tougher varieties and upto 70s lighter constructions.  The product is formulated to carry necessary ingredients required for the sizing of the above sorts.  The optimal binding and flexibility of the sized yarn helps in a smoother and efficient performance of the sized beam in the new age looms.  The add-on can be considerably reduced compared to the conventional size preparations.  This in turn helps the beam to achieve higher efficiency with a lesser add-on, which is good to the latest high speed looms.  Sizotex MC is compatible for all type of yarns such as cotton and its blends.  The size mix remains stable for a longer period of time.



Sizotex – MC has an optimal viscosity, which helps in better penetration and gives necessary coating to the yarn, thereby binding the protruding fibres which hamper a better weaveability.  A 10% paste has a viscosity of 12 to 14 seconds in 50 ml TEXSIZE / ATIRA cup at 90°C.


Sizotex – MC has an excellent adhesive strength.  It also has very good tackiness, which in turn helps in better binding and improved weaving efficiency. It replaces all synthetic binders like PVA, Acrylic and other polymers.


Sizotex – MC is highly consistent and thereby ensures uniform pick-up.  There is no skin formation in size bath. There is also no retro-gradation during overnight storage.

Film Formation

Sizotex – MC forms a strong and flexible film, which in turn provides the necessary elastic warp thread protection. This will ensure better pliability and reduction of loss in elongation. Sizotex – MC film has tough tensile strength and good elasticity, which provides excellent resistance to wear, with better smoothness and fluff binding properties.

Low Add-on

Dense constructions are easily woven at optimal size add-on. Lower add-on results in less shedding on the loom.


De-sizing is easy with Sizotex MC. Sizing can be removed by normal de-sizing procedures.  Sizotex MC is eco-friendly and Bio-degradable.

Preparation of Sizing paste

Cooking is simple with Sizotex – MC. With continuous and preferably vigorous stirring, the required quantity of Sizotex – MC is added to cold water and stirred for 10 minutes.Then the suspension is cooked at 130°C / 30 psi and retained for 15 minutes, before transferring to the storage.  Sizotex-MC is also suitable for atmospheric cooking.

Typical Analysis

AppearanceWhite to Creamish fluffy powder.
Moisture % by mass on dry basis10% maximum
Ash content % by mass on dry basis1 % maximum
pH of 10% Aqueous extract(pH of water used: 7.2)6 to 8
Viscosity of 10%  m/m on dry basis at 85°C solution by using Brookefield DV II+
viscometer at 30 rpm, spindle no 1 in cps
200 to 300 seconds
Red listed itemsNIL

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