Sizotex HB is a highly modified speciality starch binder. In today’s market, there is lot of restrictions in using PVA in the single recipe. Sizotex HB is a new age starch binder, which does not contain PVA. It is fully compatible to all starch and gives a high binding effect. It can be used as a “binder” for all types/counts of yarn, along with all kind of starches. It will substitute other synthetic binders like PVA, acrylics etc.. It has a medium to high viscosity and highly consistent.

Sizotex HB forms a film, which is strong, flexible and highly transparent. This help in better weave ability and reduction in abrasion. The film provides a continuous coating on the yarn surface, thereby reduces the droppings due to less film cracking. Sizotex HB is easily washed with normal de-sizing methods. Sizotex HB is also available with lower viscosity and called Sizotex HB (LV).

Typical Analysis

AppearanceWhite fluffy powder
Moisture % by mass on dry basis12% maximum
Ash content % by mass on dry basis1% maximum
pH of 10% Aqueous extract (pH of water used : 7.20)8 to 10
Viscosity of 10% m/m on dry basis at 85°C solution By using Brookfield DV II+ viscometer at 30 rpm,
Spindle No: 1 in cps.
800 to 950 cps
Red listed itemsNil

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