The rapid growth of cotton blend fabrics has brought with it the need of improved warp size materials having better adhesion. SizoPlast is highly modified starches which has low viscosity and possess a strong and flexible film. It substitutes the use of other binders, both natural and synthetic.

Sizoplast provides :

  • Provides low and stable viscosity
  • Provides extremely high adhesion to all types of          fibres
  • Uniform size pick-up and good penetration
  • Provides strong and flexible films
  • Highly consistent and easy to de-size
  • Size bath preparations based on SizoPlast are simple and easy to prepare and runs without difficulty on the slasher. The high film strength, abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion of SizoPlast provide very good weaving efficiency in high speed shuttle-less looms. SizoPlast possess excellent film forming properties and impacts good strength and flexibility to the yarn.


    Viscosity & Consistency

    Sizoplast has a low viscosity ideally suited for weaving finer count yarns in shuttle-less high speed looms. This low viscosity helps in better penetration and higher efficiency in weaving. Sizoplast is highly consistent which helps in uniform size pick-up.

    Binding & Film Formation

    SizoPlast films are strong and flexible. It has better adhesion and good thickness .SizoPlast binds cotton, viscose and polyester fibres, controls the hairiness of the yarn, resulting in added strength and better weaveability.



    SizoPlast is a highly modified and yarns sized with SizoPlast show excellent weaving performance with few loom stops .SizoPlast is a unique starch, modified especially for use as a warp size for spun yarns and blends, to be woven in high speed shuttle –less looms.

    Preparation of Sizing paste

    Fill the kettle with required quantity of water and sprinkle SizoPlast along with other additives, with stirrer on. Cook the suspension to 130◦C /30 psi and retain for 10 minutes before transferring to storage.

    Typical Analysis

    AppearanceCreamish white granular powder
    Moisture % by mass on dry basis11 % maximum
    Ash content % by mass on dry basis1 % maximum
    pH of 10% Aqueous extract(pH of water used: 7.20)7 ± 1
    Viscosity of 10%  m/m on dry basis at 85°C solution by using Brookefield viscometer DV II+ at 30 rpm70 to 90 cps

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