Fabritex PM



Fabritex-PM is a premium grade Single shot sizing product mostly customised to suit the individual requirements of the customers. It is ideally suitable for modal, tencel, rayon, viscose and finer counts of cotton, with higher thread counts to be woven in high speed looms.  Also used for filament sizing.

Fabritex-PM is a highly modified & formulated starch product which provides adequate cohesion and good penetration, which results in better performance of the sized beam in the loom. The film provided by Fabritex-PM is strong and flexible, thereby offering a high abrasion resistance of the sized yarn. This helps in smoother performance of the beam and ensures less end breaks. Fabritex-PM gives good paste stability which ultimately provides uniform sizing.


  • Provides extremely high adhesion to all types of fibres
  • Provides strong and flexible film
  • Easy to de-size
  • Has good stability
  • Has an optimum viscosity
  • Is highly consistent
  • Advantages


    Fabritex – PM has a low viscosity, which helps in better penetration.  A 10% paste has a viscosity of 5 to 7 seconds in 50 ml TEXSIZE / ATIRA cup at 90 °C.  This low viscosity is very much suitable for all types of yarns, especially dyed yarns.


    Fabritex-PM has an excellent adhesion property.  The high tackiness in Fabritex-PM helps in better binding and improvement in weaving efficiency in high speed shuttle less looms. Fabritex-PM has very good tackiness which helps in better binding and provides the necessary elastic warp thread protection.



    Fabritex-PM is highly consistent, which in turn helps in uniform size pick-up.  A 10% paste remains consistent during overnight storage and there is no gel formation or thinning of paste.

    Film Formation

    Fabritex-PM has an excellent film forming property.  The film formed by Fabritex-PM is strong, thin, and transparent and does not crack easily.  This in turn helps in better pliability and reduction of loss in elongation.

    Preparation of Sizing paste

    With continuous and preferably vigorous stirring, the required quantity of Fabritex-PM is sprinkled to cold water in the cooker/pre-mixer. The suspension is cooked at 130°C/30 psi and retained for 15min, before transferring to the storage.

    Product Application

    Fabritex-PM is formulated to be used along with any additives.  This product can be applied to all counts of cotton yarn and Polyester-Cotton blends to achieve maximum efficiency at loom shed.

    Typical Analysis

    AppearanceWhite to creamish fluffy powder.
    Moisture % by mass on dry basis11% maximum
    Ash content % by mass on dry basis1 % maximum
    pH of 10% Aqueous extract(pH of water used: 7.2)6 to 8
    Viscosity of 10%  m/m on dry basis at 85°C solution by using Brookefield DV II+
    viscometer at 30 rpm, spindle no 1 in cps
    120 to 180 CPS
    Red listed itemsNIL

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