Fabritex 121


Fabritex 121 is a 100% synthetic co-polymer, free from starch. Excellent performance with low add-on. Easy de-sizing without enzyme. Lower dusting in loom shed & eco-friendly. The growing demand of textile industry has brought with it the need for innovative warp sizing materials. Fabritex 121 is a unique Synthetic co-polymer, ideally suitable for all kinds of staple fibres. The high film strength, abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion of Fabritex 121 makes it possible to use about one-half of the add-on required, compared to conventional starch-based recipes.

Since lower add-on results in less shedding on the loom, less frequent cleaning of drop wires, heralds and reeds are required. It is easier to weave denser constructions at low size add-on, since there is more air-space in the reed. Yarns sized with Fabritex 121 show excellent weaving performance with few loom stops. Fabritex 121 has excellent size bath stability.



Fabritex 121 has a low viscosity that helps in better penetration.  A 10% paste has a viscosity of 8 to 10 seconds in 50 ml TEXSIZE / ATIRA cup at 90 °C. This low viscosity is suitable for all types of staple yarns.


Fabritex 121 has an excellent binding strength.  Being a 100% synthetic compound, it has a very high adhesion strength and very good tackiness, which in turn helps in better binding and improved weaving efficiency.



Fabritex 121 is a 100% synthetic compound. They can be stored at elevated temperatures for days without viscosity degradation. Solutions of Fabritex 121 are non-corrosive and are not subject to spoilage.

Film Formation

Fabritex 121 films are thin, transparent, strong and highly flexible. Fabritex 121 is purely a co-polymer and free from starch. Hence even a thin coating of Fabritex 121 forms a continuous film which is highly resistant to abrasion and improves weaving efficiency to a greater extent. The uniqueness of this film is its optimal strength and better elongation properties.

Preparation of Sizing paste

Cooking is simple with Fabritex 121. With continuous and preferably vigorous stirring, the required quantity of Fabritex 121 is sprinkled to water. Then the suspension is cooked at 130°C/30 psi and retained for 10 mts, before transferring to the storage. This product is also ideally suitable for open cooking methods.


De-sizing is easy with Fabritex 121 since no enzymes are required. Fabritex 121 can be easily removed by washing in hot water with small addition of soda ash or caustic soda lye. It is 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

Typical Analysis

AppearanceWhite to Creamish granular powder.
Moisture % by mass on dry basis5% maximum
Ash content % by mass on dry basis0.5 % maximum
pH of 10% Aqueous extract(pH of water used: 7.2)6 to 8
Viscosity of 10%  m/m on dry basis at 85?C solution by using Brookefield DV II+
viscometer at 30 rpm, spindle no 1 in cps
150 to 200 CPS
Red listed itemsNIL

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