UNIBOND is a excellent corrugation sealing glue, it is highly glutinous in nature, and also has quick drying capacity.

UNIBOND has a consistency in viscosity, has a good green tack. UNIBOND is most suitable for both automatic and semi automatic plants, Our adhesive are designed with global standards. UNIBOND has various variety of ranges and can also been customised as per Customers requirements.

Cold Mix Grades

ProductRatioSolid content in %ViscositypH
UNIBOND CW 2001:23050-30012-14
UNIBOND CW 3001:32050-30012-14
UNIBOND CW 4001:42550-30012-14
UNIBOND CW 5001:51750-30012-14
UNIBOND CW 6001:61450-30012-14
UNIBOND CW 7001:71350-30012-14
UNIBOND CW 8001:81250-30012-14

Hot Mix Grades

ProductRatioSolid content in %ViscositypH
UNIBOND HW 2001:23050-3006-8
UNIBOND HW 3001:32050-3006-8
UNIBOND HW 4001:42550-3006-8
UNIBOND HW 5001:51750-3006-8
UNIBOND HW 6001:61450-3006-8
UNIBOND HW 7001:71350-3006-8
UNIBOND HW 8001:81250-3006-8

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